The Evolution of the Written Message

A collection of famous letters translated from handwriting to emojis, exploring how technology has changed communication process and language.

(Print Editorial)

FMP 2019


Explore how technology has changed communication process and language.


 Our language has evolved alongside communication process; the level of detail in a message has deteriorated to a simple emoji to express the same meaning. Six famous handwritten letters translated from handwriting to emojis show how the growth of technology has changed the way we communicate.

Each letter is transformed from the original handwriting to typewritten, email, slang, abbreviations and acronyms, text, tweet, voice recognition and emoji. For example: a thank-you letter from F. Scott Fitzgerald to a fan of his best seller book, 'The Great Gatsby', 1925.

The form is designed for audience interaction; each set of letter transformations held in a vertical envelope collates to the size of a standard smart phone, allowing the viewer to hold and read a letter in a way that plays with the old and the new.

Exhibited at UNFOLD 2019, Arts University Bournemouth