27 Years

An interactive narrative visualising the case of Stephen Downing.

(Typography and Print Editorial)


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ISTD Award: Merit


Create a typographic piece that explores the theme 'Lost'.


An interactive narrative visualising the case of Stephen Downing, who was falsely imprisoned for 27 years. His incarceration represents Britain's longest miscarriage of justice. On the surface of each page, Stephen appears guilty. When read with a UV torch, photochromic ink reveals the overlooked truths and missing details.

The choice of typeface, Meta Pro and Meta Serif Pro, indicates the two-sided narrative. The default serif type presents the views of the police, contrasting to a modern sans serif which displays the lost truth and unheard voice of Stephen Downing. The wide use of the Meta font family allows voices and emotion to be expressed through typography, playing with contrasting viewpoints throughout the narrative. 

The use of typographic signifiers, including punctuation, underlines and image boxes, communicates a loss of information. This drives the actions of the audience and guides the direction of the UV torch, revealing the screen-printed photochromic ink. The interactive feature allows the audience to feel like they are investigating the case, amplified by the form of an unbound file.


Supporting work for the ISTD submission included a process book, strategy and type specifications detailing typographic decisions, materials and layout.  

Exhibited at D&AD New Blood 2019, The Old Truman Brewery

Exhibited at UNFOLD 2019, Arts University Bournemouth